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Live Cricket Telecast Channel in India 2023

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Cricket holds a special place in the hearts of millions of fans in India, and staying updated with live matches is a top priority. In 2023, the landscape of watching live cricket telecasts in India has evolved, offering numerous options. This guide outlines traditional television channels and introduces a unique experience with the Fancode Party extension, featuring interactive features for virtual watch parties. FanCode, a main game computerized stage, is famous for its broad inclusion of different games, particularly cricket.

With an easy-to-use interface and a huge client base of north of 50 million, it gives live streaming, scores, and measurements, and that's only the tip of the iceberg for cricket as well as football, b-ball, and kabaddi. The imaginative Fancode Party extension permits constant sharing of sports encounters with up to 100 members, highlighting easy-to-understand works and gushing over 300 occasions, including selective global cricket matches. FanCode's partnerships with major sports leagues and teams make it a comprehensive hub for sports enthusiasts. Additionally, we'll explore the exciting features of Fancode Watch Party.

FanCode Party Extension: An Innovative Way to Watch Cricket

FanCode is a digital platform renowned for its extensive sports event coverage, including cricket. The Fancode Party extension takes your viewing experience to the next level. Therefore, here's how to host a Fancode Watch Party and make the most of its features:

Hosting a FanCode Party:

1. Install Fancode Party Extension: Download and install FanCode Party Chrome extension on your compatible web browser.

2. Log In: Sign in with your FanCode account, ensuring both the host and participants login. Besides, having an active FanCode subscription is essential.

3. Select the Content: Choose the cricket match you want to watch and start the stream, pausing it momentarily.

4. Create a Party: Activate the Fancode Party Chrome extension and select "CREATE A PARTY." And then click "START PARTY" to generate a party invitation URL.

5. Join the Party: Share the URL with your friends, allowing them to join the Fancode Watch Party.

Exciting Features of FanCode Party:

1. Global Availability: The FanCode Party extension can be accessed worldwide. Even if FanCode isn't available in your region, a VPN service can help you activate your subscription and download the Fancode Party Chrome extension.

2. Complete Control: The host can manage playback settings by installing the Fancode Party extension. It includes play, pause, rewind, and forward during video playback.

3. Real-Time Synchronization & High Definition: FanCode Party offers synchronized streaming content for users worldwide, ensuring high-definition picture quality.

4. Live Group Interaction: Engage in conversations with friends while watching the content, thanks to the chat box conveniently located in the side panel.

5. Personalized Profiles: Customize your party experience by selecting avatars as profile icons and creating unique nicknames.

6. Cost-Effective Fun: FanCode Party Chrome extension is entirely free, offering all its fantastic features to every user at no cost.

Top Alternatives Of Live Cricket Telecast Channels:

1. Star Sports

Star Sports has been a well-established band together with the Leading group of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Additionally, it offers numerous channels like Star Sports 1, Star Sports 2, and Star Sports Select, taking special care of different games and dialects.

2. DD Sports

Like the Fancode Party extension, Doordarshan Sports, or DD Sports, is a free-to-air channel. It occasionally broadcasts important cricket matches, especially those involving the Indian national team.

3. Sony Six

Sony Six is another well-known sports channel that has previously telecasted cricket matches. Moreover, they also provide a high-definition option with Sony Six HD.

4. Sony Ten

Sony Ten is a group of sports channels holding broadcast rights for various cricket events. Also, it includes both international and domestic tournaments.


ESPN broadcasts cricket matches in India, particularly international games and major domestic tournaments.

6. 1Sports

1Sports is a sports channel known for airing cricket matches and other sports events. You may find a similar watchlist in the Fancode Party extension. So, don’t delay finding the process of “How to use Fancode Party '' here only.  

7. DD National

Doordarshan National, or DD National, is a free-to-air channel that may broadcast select cricket matches involving the Indian cricket team.

8. Regional Channels

Depending on your region in India, you might have access to local or regional sports channels. Especially those who broadcast local and domestic cricket matches.

Online Streaming Services:

The rise of digital streaming platforms has provided convenient alternatives to watch live cricket matches, and two major platforms stand out:

1. Hotstar (Now Disney+ Hotstar)

Disney+ Hotstar is a popular streaming platform offering live streaming of domestic and international cricket events. Furthermore, subscriptions may be required for full access.

2. SonyLIV

SonyLIV is another streaming service that provides access to cricket matches. Moreover, it may require a subscription for certain matches.

Bottom Line: 

Watching Live Cricket Telecast Channel in India provides cricket enthusiasts with numerous options, from traditional channels like Star Sports to online streaming platforms such as Disney+ Hotstar and SonyLIV. The FanCode Party Extension also introduces a unique and interactive way to enjoy matches with friends and family, making it an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, be sure to check the latest sources for current broadcasting rights. And also, embrace the future of cricket watching with FanCode Party.

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