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FanCode Teams up with Google Cloud to Elevate Sports Streaming Experience in S Asia

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FanCode, a prominent sports streaming platform, has partnered with Google Cloud to herald a new era of sports streaming and revolutionize the fan experience. Moreover, this collaboration harnesses the power of Google Cloud's data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to offer personalized content and enhance content recommendation algorithms. Leveraging Google Cloud's global infrastructure and industry-specific solutions, FanCode swiftly rolled out the India-West Indies bilateral cricket series, delivering an immersive experience to fans. To amplify the sports streaming experience in S Asia after Fancode & Google Cloud team up, install the how to use Fancode Party extension.   

Yannick Colaco, Co-founder of FanCode, emphasized that it's not just about content but also the technology experience that distinguishes them. This partnership signifies the industry's trend of elevating user engagement and innovation in sports streaming, especially as India's streaming video market is poised to double by 2027. The collaboration's objective is to enhance the sports-watching experience for fans and explore the convergence of media with commerce and gaming. FanCode is also in the process of modernizing its application with Google Kubernetes Engine to maximize operational efficiency.

Google Cloud & FanCode Team Up: Elevates Your Sports Streaming Experience  

FanCode, a renowned sports-focused digital platform, is celebrated for its extensive coverage of various sports events, with cricket as its core focus. Moreover, it provides live streaming, scores, statistics, and news, catering to over 50 million unique users and achieving 25 million app downloads. Beyond cricket, FanCode covers sports like football, basketball, and kabaddi. For sports enthusiasts looking to share their passion with friends and family in real-time. FanCode offers the innovative FanCode Party Extension. That enables users to host online streaming parties for up to 100 participants worldwide. 

The extension is equipped with user-friendly features and has successfully streamed over 300 events, including exclusive international cricket matches. Furthermore, FanCode has established partnerships with major sports leagues and teams, serving as the official merchandise partner for prestigious names like IPL franchises, BCCI, NBA, WWE, and renowned football clubs like Liverpool. This partnership with Google Cloud is set to provide a more personalized and immersive streaming experience for sports enthusiasts in South Asia.

How To Install Fancode Party Extension To Enjoy Sports Streaming? 

Learn how to use Fancode Party Chrome extension to elevate your live sports streaming experience with your friends. Then, nothing but following the downward steps will help you the best:

1. Install FanCode Party Extension: Begin by downloading and installing the FanCode Party Chrome Extension. Moreover, if you prefer manual installation, ensure you have a compatible web browser. These include Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and a compatible device.

2. Pin the FanCode Party Extension: Once installed, pin the extension to your browser's toolbar, making it easily accessible.

3. Log into Your FanCode Account: Log in to your FanCode streaming platform using your account. The host and participants must log in, and an active FanCode subscription is essential for all parties.

4. Search, Select, and Begin: After logging in, start your FanCode streaming journey by selecting the movie or show you wish to enjoy. Furthermore, the host should begin playing the content before pausing it.

5. Craft a FanCode Party URL: Create a FanCode Watch Party by generating a designated URL through the FanCode Party extension. Share this URL with your guests for seamless party access.

6. Join the FanCode Party: Guests can join the celebration by clicking on the FanCode Watch Party invitation URL. And they instantly become part of the experience.

Key Features Of FanCode Party Extension

Accept it or not, but your Fancode Watch Party is incomplete without accessing its amazing features. Installing the FanCode Party Chrome extension cannot uplift your sports enthusiasm. Let’s dig more by following the below information: 

1. Global Availability: FanCode Party is accessible worldwide, allowing users to share and stream content globally. Moreover, in regions where FanCode is unavailable, a VPN service can provide access to the platform.

2. Complete Control: The host can control the party and manage settings. During video playback, these include play, pause, rewind, forward, or resume.

3. Real-Time Synchronization & High Definition: FanCode Party ensures real-time synchronization of content across the globe and delivers content in high-definition quality.

4. Live Group Interaction: Thanks to the Live Group Interaction feature, users can engage in lively conversations while watching content.

5. Personalized Profiles: Customize your FanCode Watch Party by selecting avatars and creative nicknames to make your party unique.

6. Cost-Effective Fun: The FanCode Party extension is free for all users. That makes it an ideal platform for entertaining friends and family worldwide at no cost.

FanCode and Google Cloud partnership seeks to enhance the sports streaming experience. That ensures that fans across South Asia can enjoy personalized and immersive content. Moreover, FanCode's innovative FanCode Party Extension, along with its unique features. It also offers sports enthusiasts an exciting & engaging way to connect with loved ones over shared sports and entertainment experiences.

Bottom Line:

The collaboration between FanCode and Google Cloud represents a significant advancement in the sports streaming industry. That aims to provide fans with a more personalized and immersive viewing experience. Moreover, FanCode innovative how to use Fancode Party Extension, coupled with Google Cloud's advanced capabilities, sets the stage for exciting online streaming parties. Even real-time synchronization makes it an excellent platform for sports enthusiasts to connect and share their passion with friends and family. This partnership is poised to reshape South Asia's sports streaming landscape, offering cost-effective, fun and high-quality content.

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