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FanCode LIVE Cricket Scores for iPhone

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FanCode is a highly acclaimed digital sports platform focusing on cricket while expanding into football, basketball, and kabaddi. With over 50 million users and 25 million app downloads, it provides live streaming, real-time scores, and comprehensive sports statistics. What sets it apart is the FanCode Party Extension, enabling online streaming parties with up to 100 participants worldwide, synchronizing the experience seamlessly.

FanCode's partnerships with major sports leagues and teams like the IPL franchises and Liverpool make it an official merchandise partner. This comprehensive sports hub caters to enthusiasts across various sports, offering an ad-free experience and live cricket scores. Whether you're a cricket fan or a sports enthusiast, FanCode's app and innovative Fancode Party Chrome Extension have you covered.

Enjoy Live Cricket Score On iPhone Via FanCode Party Extension 

Easily enjoy live cricket scores on your iPhone with the FanCode Party Extension. Install it in a few simple steps and host synchronized online streaming parties for up to 100 participants, catering to cricket enthusiasts and sports lovers alike. So, let’s begin it: 

Step 1: Download FanCode Party Extension

To start, you'll have to introduce the FanCode Party Expansion, which can be downloaded through a given connection. Guarantee you use a viable internet browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on gadgets like Macintoshes, Chromebooks, or Windows frameworks. 

Step 2: Pin the Extension

Once you install Fancode Party Extension, pin it to your browser's toolbar, typically found in the upper right corner of your screen. Furthermore, if you have trouble locating the icon, click the puzzle icon to reveal it. 

Step 3: Log into Your FanCode Account

Both the host and party participants must log into their respective FanCode accounts. Make sure you have an active FanCode subscription for all party members. 

Step 4: Search, Select, and Begin

Once logged in, you can start your FanCode streaming journey by searching for and selecting the cricket match or event you want to enjoy with your friends. The host should play the content and then pause it.

Step 5: Craft a FanCode Party URL

To create a FanCode Watch Party atmosphere and invite your friends, activate the FanCode Party extension in your web browser. A spring-up window will show up, offering you the choice to "CREATE A PARTY." Furthermore, click on the "START PARTY" button inside a similar window to produce a special URL for your party greeting. 

Step 6: Join the FanCode Party

Share the FanCode Party URL with your guests, allowing them to join the party seamlessly by clicking on the link. Moreover, they become part of your FanCode Watch Party once they do

Enriching Highlighting Features of FanCode Party Extension

Let's explore some of the remarkable features that make FanCode Party Extension a game-changer for hosting online streaming parties:

1. Global Availability: FanCode Watch Party allows you to host parties with participants worldwide, making it a global sensation. Even if FanCode is not accessible in your region, you can use a VPN to activate your subscription and download the Fancode Party Chrome Extension.

2. Complete Control: The host has the option to maintain complete control over the party, managing video playback settings. These include play, pause, rewind, forward, and resume.

3. Real-Time Synchronization & High Definition:-  FanCode Watch Party ensures real-time content synchronization for viewers worldwide, all while offering high-definition picture quality for an exceptional streaming experience.

4. Live Group Interaction: The Fancode Party Chrome Extension provides a chat box in the side panel of the screen, allowing you to engage in lively conversations with your fellow partygoers. Furthermore, share comments, reviews, and messages in real-time.

5. Personalized Profiles: Customize your profile with unique avatars and creative nicknames to make your FanCode Watch Party one-of-a-kind.

6. Cost-Effective Fun: The best part is that you can use and install FanCode Party Extension for free. That makes it an affordable way to enjoy quality time with your loved ones while watching your favorite cricket matches. 


Thus, with the FanCode Party Extension, you can remain refreshed on live cricket scores and offer the game's energy to loved ones worldwide. Moreover, it's a novel and practical method for making your cricket-seeing experience considerably more pleasant. So, download the Fancode Party Chrome Extension and start hosting unforgettable FanCode Watch Parties today. And here’s the complete ‘how to use Fancode Party” guide ends, which covers most hot topics. 

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